How to avoid bounce rate in SEO


Reduce Bounce Rate in Google Analytics through these  powerful steps

Everyone knows, content is the king, content writing jobs and works are increasing day by day.when we search on the Internet we can find useful contents about any subjects. unfortunately, some contents are not good and not informatics. so Google or any other search engine avoid this type of contents and hate it. everyone knows there is a bounce rate for pages. when someone visits our websites and exit within seconds – it harmful and affect our’s means our contents is no not good or not related to the title. your bounce rate more than 90% your website defently down in SERP

Make sure your pages load quickly

No-one likes slow loading pages, so make sure yours run as fast as they can, on mobile and desktop

Avoid huge pop-ups and annoying ads

users with a huge pop-up as soon as they enter the site is a great way to make them hit the back button


If you want mobile users to stay a while on your site, then make sure it’s mobile-optimized.

Optimise your title tag

the title tag should be represented your body of the content, otherwise, visitors exit immediately
example your title tag is about ‘best car in 2017’. yes, we all know this page is about best car in 2017, unconformity the body of the content is about ‘real estate in UK’, what will do? sure we will exit from the time avoid this particular URL from search engine result page (SERP). never cheat visitors like bad or wrong title tags

we can see another cheating like offering free objects like photos, videos, themes etc.but when we visit the page it’s not free and not providing anything in free.this how web masters cheat visitors, they are focusing only clicks and ad view. but it surely one day google will find you and kill you so act before it.

How to avoid bounce rate in SEO

Optimize your URL

What is optimization of URL, and how it affects SEO. simple URL is representing the content of the body.above we can see an example of the title tag, the same example here. representing the wrong url will decree the seo value of your page/post/website.

Optimize your Content

title tag and url should be related to our content and content should be readable, here we list some points about contents

Use of h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, bold tags

Never use more than One H1 tag in your post/page. check this example

if H1 is Car. h2 is Volvo, BMW etc.. h3 like model name.h4 is color h5 is facilities etc.. I think you got my point also focus Wording, Colours etc

Use of images

use helpful images representing the content, should be alt tag on images

Hyper links

Don’t use more than 3 hyper links.


Add listing and make it readable


avoid grammer mistakes.use tools like Grammarly.


fonts should be clean and readable not use any type comic fonts, font size have imporant roll in contemt marketing/contents, if user can’t read your article they will avoid the post immeditly. no one going to read with lens’s .

Avoid simple errors, then you can reach more visitors and gain more traffic

if your a gust blogger, never forgot to write about yourself. explain waht your
and give a nofollow link to your twitter / facebook account.

this are the simple tips to avoid bounce rate of your post/page/bog/website etc..

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